Database design (MS Access and SQL Server), GIS design (ESRI and QGIS)


Database Design
MS Access / SQL Server    Any application to suit your needs. We can make it accessible with cloud tech.

Chances are we have built something close to your needs.
We can build you your custom application or adapt what we already have to save you money.
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Small to Large Business Applications

We can build any relational database to suits your needs.

Remotely or locally accessed databases, using the right tool for the job.

We are MS Access gurus!

GIS Services VIEW

Design, construction, development, installation, training.

We have designed and built geographic info. systems for small to corporate applications and many Govt. applications.

AIMS (Asset Information Managment System) VIEW

The AIMS system is offered by UDS. It is a commercial database with synchronizing field application for power companies or any entity that uses, administers, or manages poles or the joint use of poles.

Specialized Skills:

ESRI products, QGIS,  Manifold GIS

We can build and support your GIS in-house or remotely.

Put your budget into production instead of software licensing.

GPS systems (Trimble units (Pathfinder Office), TopCon, Garmin, etc.)

We have incorporated GPS data from about every make available, into client's GIS's.

We can assist you with your project.

Image rectification/registration, analysis.

CAD conversions and other format conversions