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Union Data Solutions

Union Data Solutions LLC is managed by myself, Scott Miller. I have over ten years experience in GIS and relational database design. Typically, I provide the majority of the work, however, I will often enlist the help of one of my many associates when tackling a large project, short deadline, or an extraordinarily difficult task. I work with many associates with whom I maintain working agreements. When applying knowledge and labor to your projects I can fit the appropriately skilled person to the job, saving you money and time.  Our association consists of an elite team of GIS Engineers, relational database engineers, programmers, VB programmers, GIS specialist, GIS Techs., network experts, and server specialist. Our combined experiences provide the background for developing genuine solutions to outstanding problems. We are all production oriented and will never waste a moment of your time. We deliver, you will be satisfied, and we will always go beyond any agreement or contract to assure your ROI.

The UDS team has compiled their resources to offer unique solutions for manaegment of manufacturing facilities, utilities (electric), forest management companies, local governments, university data projects, and supports many other businesses of all sizes. We have associates with various skill levels which translates into efficient billing for our services.

On a personal level our business supports our local community in many ways.

UDS personnel volunteer by providing free analysis for the City of Union, serve as a Cub Scout leader, soccer coach, and local church treasurer.

Our partners and employees have experience and skills you expect to find in a big city, but come to you with the deep-rooted work ethic and integrity often found on the ranch.