Here are some examples of my work:

Database Work:

Oregon Trail Electric Coop. Database for managing poles, maintenance, accessories, and joint users.
AIMS systems

A database to manage asset maintenance, safety, and personel training.
MATT safety system

Cattle Tracks is a system for cow/calf producers to manage their herd. Generating performance stats and managment reports. 
Cattle Tracks
Also databases for vendors, for custom installations, HVAC customer installations and service, trucking company load and driver tracking, service tracking and billing automation.

GIS Work:
I've contracted to build GIS systems for multiple entities. This demonstrates some custom tools, completed with VB.
County GIS Assessor and Planning

Here is a database/GIS combo. I built this for the town of Callaway to manage the cemetery.
Cemetery App
Also, mapping for land use and planning, NRCS cost-share applications, ranch/farm planning, timber operations.
Acreage analysis, image analysis, cropland image analysis.